The Welders Tool for Contour Fits

Click thumbnail for hi-resolution image, wait for hi-resimage to load, then *right-click & save* if using a PC or *click & hold& save* if using a Mac. MILL CREEK, WA - The most difficult step when building anything from tubing is precision mating the tube angles to ensure a good, strong weld. PipeMasterô is the most accurate and easy to use hand tool for the layout of difficult pipe end cuts. It eliminates all of the guesswork and will provide you with the perfect shape to cut every time!

The PipeMasterô simply slides over the pipe and the pins are pressed down to match the contour shape of the adjoining tube. The closer the housing is to the joint the more accurate the pins will be. Next, slide back the PipeMasterô far enough to trace the shape made by the pins. Now it's time to cut and fit. The time saved by eliminating re-cutting, grinding and waste makes this tool worth its weight in gold.

PipeMasterô is designed to fit over various sizes of pipe and tubing from .5-inch to 12-inches OD. Metric and SAE sizes are available. It is a precision tool and should not be used while cutting, or be placed on hot metal.

For more information on PipeMasterô visit www.pipemastertools.com or contact them at P.O. Box 12858, Mill Creek, WA, 98082, Phone 360-668-3291, Fax 360-668-9533, e-mail: steve.pipemaster@verizon.net



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