May 2012

Click thumbnail for hi-resolution image, wait for hi-res image to load, then *right-click & save* if using a PC or *click & hold & save* if using a Mac. Van Nuys, CA: Besides watching the road, the next most in your face items in your car are the dash bezel and instrument cluster. Instrument surrounds or bezels, come in all style and sizes but perform the same function, to allow you to mind your vehicle’s bodily functions. During the Sixties and Seventies most were either painted or chrome plated plastic like this beautifully designed example from a 1970 GM muscle car.

Being plastic, many bezels cracked, warped or the chrome becomes tarnished from years of cleaning. Often the plastic chrome plating finish is literally worn away. JUST DASHES has just completed the restoration and detailing of this two-piece example, returning it to concours condition. Regardless of the year, make or model vehicle, most bezels can be repaired, repainted and brought back to like new condition.

JUST DASHES can also restore your original gauges, install quartz clock movements and provides plastic chrome plating. They also now carry a large selection of reproduction gauges for GM and Mopar cars and trucks. Visit to preview all their interior restoration products and services.

Contact a service representative at JUST DASHES for an over the phone quote for your project at 5941 Lemona Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91411, 800-247-3274, Fax: 818-780-9014.

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